Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ghost Bike

This seems to be a trend: The Ghost Bike.
It's a nice memorial to those who have lost their lives riding their bicycles as opposed to the common cross. This bicycle was painted all white with the name of the victim posted on it and attached to a fence to remind those who pass by that a cyclist was hit by a car there. So far I have seen two; one in Fort William, Scotland and this one in the Sonoran Desert between Phoenix and Tuscon, Arizona. I was not surprised to see this on this stretch of highway, between Florence and Oracle Junction, It is very narrow and heavily traveled. The drivers of vehicles passing through here travel at very high speeds with little or no shoulder and I couldn't imagine riding a road bike down this highway with no room for error. Though it is still saddening to see this, as an avid cyclist, but heart warming knowing someone cared enough to take the initiative to remind those who travel that highway to be aware that lives are precious.
Hey, share the road!
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