Friday, March 6, 2009

Greetings from Takengon

All is well. This is the first time I have had Internet in about a week or more. It's very remote and third world around here. Not for the weak at heart.
The people are beautiful and kind and though they don't have much there is no hesitation to invite us for a cup of coffee and chat. The riding is hard - think of volcanos everywhere - up and down. Sometimes it feels like more up than down! Perhaps that is because I am carrying an 80lb bike up those suckers.
Other than missing the communcation back home I am doing OK! It is hard going and I can't help but think if something happened anywhere I would surely be fooked! I mentioned to a friend one time (Jenny) that if something happened to me to leave me where I am. OK - not here. I meant on a mountain top or something - perhaps a crevasse. Now I think, it's OK, bring me back.
I will be posting more photos and another blog soon. Keep checking back. Until then be well! Tarimah Kaseh

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