Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back on the Blog

Why is it so difficult to travel and blog? Or is it just me? The last trip I found my self so tired at the end of the day (due to endless hours in the saddle) that the last thing on my mind was to write about my day! But as I look back I could kick myself for not doing so because I really cannot remember half the things that happened during the day. The feelings I felt riding down the road, the people I met and saw along the way, and the frustration I felt traveling through Third World countries.

It's not easy traveling in the Third World. By the end of the second month I was ready to come home. Though that was not possible, my dream was about to unfold. My dream of going to Africa. My dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. My dream of seeing real Maasai tribes people. My dream of going on safari. This dream that has been inside of me for over a decade. Yes, it was about to begin.

But it was there that I was broken. It was Africa that turned my whole world upside down. Africa broke me. Ethiopia broke me. It was painful for me. Painful because it was so poor. Painful because it was so dry and there was no water. Painful because I didn't have the patience anymore to deal with people. And why not? Why couldn't I deal with people anymore? That is a question that I still cannot answer. But still of all the countries I visited, still calls for me.

I still feel the pull to go back. To make a difference. To do something for someone and not expect anything in return. To give with my heart. This is where my wheels have been turning. And I will make a difference. I do believe I will be back.

I still have more to write about my journey. This isn't the last of this. I also have beautiful photos to share. Check back for the rest of my story! For now this is all that is in me!

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