Monday, September 21, 2009


Ethiopia almost broke us. We decided to cycle around the Northern historical circuit in May putting together medieval sites, lost churches and high altitude mountains. The anticipated rains which turn this area green hadn't materialised and it was tough on us and of course tougher on the locals. The people were friendly and scary at the same time. Few places in the world now give you the feeling of being an alien arrival. Ethiopia is one. The mixed Italian, African and Middle Eastern influence on culture in some of the more significant towns has created a little oasis of fine food, cafe culture, brilliant beer & coffee ... but all around are scenes from biblical times. Ethiopia is addictive, much more so than the tamer mountain & safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. The images are amazing and we didn't even go to dramatic tribes in the south of the country. We want to go back, but we need to be brave and we need more time, Indiana Jones adventures abound.
Photos by: Stephanie Vogel ~ Text by: Anthony White

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