Monday, September 21, 2009

N. Sumatra/Banda Aceh Province

Aahh exotic Sumatra. Well off the beaten backpacker path these days, despite recovering from the civil war in Aceh province & the 2004 Tsunami. The jungle rainforest is fighting a battle against the ever increasing human pressure; the Tsunami facing coastline is probably more stunning than before, the diving out of this world and travel is as cheap as chips. We cycled around the northern part of the country in March not seeing westerners for days and days. We were met with tremendous local hospitality and kindness as we hauled ourselves up super steep battered interior roads and glided along the newly rebuilt coastal road. It's tricky finding a beer in this predominantly Islamic island, but with the friendliness of the locals all you need is coffee ... but we think the best is tucked away for export!
Photos by: Stephanie Vogel ~ Text by: Anthony White

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