Friday, February 20, 2009

Florence Arizona

It appears I made mistake about Florence, Arizona and it is not just the town that houses Arizona's State Pen and a McDonald's but actually has history.

I have been informed by a Florence resident that I missed quite the festivities this year on Valentine's Day. This reader wrote:
Read your blog comments on Florence AZ and I have this to say...

Too bad you didn't actually go into Florence AZ on Valentines Day.That was the day they had their historic tour. The town has over 100 buildings on the National Register and this was the day some of the public and private homes and buildings are open to the public. You missed an antique show, book sale, quilt show, old time fiddle music and the chance to see Florence homes from the 1870's on up. Some of these old adobes are quite photogenic, as is the 1891 Victorian Courthouse.

The museum in Florence is quite incredible and has furniture made out of cactus, and has info on the lady stagecoach robber and a sobering prison display of the nooses used for hangings among a lot of other amazing things. Its a great, interesting, historic, and authentic western town recently picked as #4 of the top ten true western towns by True West Magazine for 2009. Too bad you didnt get off the highway and see the real town. There is so much more than just the prison and McDonalds.
I think this person is correct, I would have loved to have gotten off the highway to view this quaint little town with big personality on Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing!

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